UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, Rashida Manjoo and FVPLS Victoria CEO Antoinette Braybrook at FVPLS Victoria's National Conference




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  FVPLS Victoria staff with the Victorian Attorney-General 


Policy & Law Reform

FVPLS Victoria is committed to advocating for improvements in the way the community, the legal system and authorities respond to and address family violence and sexual assault.

Through the CEO Antoinette Braybrook, FVPLS Victoria is represented on the Aboriginal Justice Forum and the Indigenous Family Violence Partnership Forum.

On-the-ground experience and community feedback informs this work.

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Policy Papers & Submissions

With the assistance of funding from the Legal Services Board and The Felton Bequest, FVPLS Victoria has developed three policy/discussion papers aimed at strengthening law and justice responses for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander victims/survivors of family violence and sexual assault and women and children. The papers draw on the experiences of FVPLS Victoria in its ten years of service provision, and on feedback provided by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people with experience of the system both as victims/survivors and as workers.

FVPLS Victoria recognises that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people must lead development s in law and justice issues at the local, state and territory and national levels, and that processes for this must be well resourced. The three papers present the perspective of FVPLS Victoria to be considered in appropriate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders led forums.

The papers discuss national FVPLS program issues and law and justice responses for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and children, provision of services in Victoria and also the accessibility of legal system itself.

With valued support from the William Buckland Foundation, FVPLS Victoria continues to provide input into Government inquiries on topics relevant to Aboriginal victims/survivors of family violence. Recent submissions include:



National Conference

Policy-Law-Reform-4.jpgStanding Firm for Change: A Journey to Justice was a national conference organised by FVPLS Victoria. The conference focused on access to justice issues for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander victims/ survivors of family violence and sexual assault.

The conference, held in November 2012, was a significant opportunity for Aboriginal community members, leaders, workers and policy makers to confront the complexities of family violence in Aboriginal communities and propose resolutions for change. It attracted Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members, mainstream and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service providers, policy makers, Magistrates, Judges and Lawyers, Government representatives and academics. The conference coincided with FVPLS Victoria's 10 year anniversary.

Summary of conference key themes and recommendations.

More information including presentations and speeches is available on the Standing Firm for Change: A Journey to Justice Website